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Protect & Respect Your Spouse | Ep. 31 | HDYLM | How Do You Love Me?!


In today’s episode, Trey and Q. are discussing protecting and respecting your spouse in ALL situations, and not just always physically either!

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👁 About this channel: The How Do You Love Me?! Podcast is created by Trey & Q Scott in DFW Texas also known as Dallas Fort Worth Texas. Trey and Q Scott but wants to make it very clear this is not a marriage podcast , more like a relationship podcast . This podcast is currently based out of DFW Texas and is about unique successful people that are married or single , or just people who are interesting in general . Trey and Q has guests / couples who have healthly relationships , communication , peace , great love , the list goes on . So do not consider this just a love podcast but truly a broad relationship podcast . Consider this a marriage podcast but not a gossip podcast . At the end of the day , the How Do You Love Me?! Podcast is a christ centered podcast . It has people who have made life's most happiest but difficult choices to marry , and to love. That is what makes this the best dfw dallas podcast in the world !

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